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Led Dot Matrix Display are very famous for Displaying  Messages  in Metro and Buses everywhere and making of these boards are quite interesting. In this tutorial we will make some character frames and running them into a continuous loop then it will look like a dancing man as shown in the images.

*Note we are assuming that you already installed the Keil Uvision and ISIS(proteus) Software in your computer system.

LED MATRIX DISPLAY : In the Dot Matrix LED Display their are multiple leds connected in the row and column fashion just like its name 'matrix'. Assuming 8X8 matrix then the anodes of 8 LEDs are common and named as rowX :  X(1 to 8). Similarly the cathodes of 8 LEDs are common and named as colY Y(1 to 8) as shown in the image below.

Lets turn on a LED shown in the below figure point by a blue circle. 
The led pointed in a blue circle have  cathode  connected with col4 and anode is connected to row3 so if I connect these to pin with microcontroller. We have to set or high the row3 and clear or low the col4.

DISPLAY A CHARACTER: Now assume we want to make this character on the display as shown in  the figure below.
we will first set the row and send the corresponding data to its column so we need to run a loop for sending data to 8 row one by one and send the corresponding 8 bit data to its column for each row. So in real the LEDs are blinking but the blinking is too fast or  we realize that its still an image.

if Row are connected to the port 2 of 8051
if Col are connected to the  port 3 of 8051 

now for turning on 4,5 number LED in row1
we will write      
P2 = 0b0000 0001;  ///     for selecting first row
P3 = 0b1110 0111;  ///     for turning on the leds in that row

By using the same method we create an table for whole image in the above figure.



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  1. sir can u plz send the .hex code of this project...
    thanks in advance...

    1. you can Download the full project

      here and also from the above link

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