Sunday, 8 April 2012


The EMBEDDED MYSTERY is a workshop for the student who wish to learn embedded system we gave this workshop in the Aryabhatt College. The response was very good from the students. Our aim is to provide them a very good knowledge of embedded system and robotics and finish that Mystery of the embedded system. The supportive staff of the college is also a key of succes this event. I am very thankful to Mr. Brijesh sir who support us at every level. 
This time we gave  a self learning environment to students through which they can learn their own effort with the help of google. In this 2 days session they learn how to use the keil simulator to write a program for 8051 micro controller and how to generate the hex file from the code. They learned how to use the flash magic to burn the program  into the micro controller.
And we give them a project based session in which we made a mobile operated robot using DTMF technology. This time we again use the kits designed by the techno tech leaders and really they were amazing  and very easy to use by a new student.

************  WE WILL CONDUCT MORE WORKSHOP ***********

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