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Arduino is an open-source platform based on avr (atmega series). It’s a combination of easy to use software and hardware environment for electronics student, developer, hobbyists to create interactive devices and environments.
Arduino can be easily interfaced with sensors, controlling led’s , motor driving, relays. The on board  microcontroller is programmed with help of arduino programming language, and arduino development environment.
The arduino board can be build by your own or purchased online. The software of the arduino can be downloaded free.
Now setup your arduino environment.

Step1 : Purchase your arduino board.

Step2 : Download the arduino environment.

Step3 : Unzip the file.

Step4 : Now copy the arduino folder on your desktop.

Step5 : Open the folder and open the application of arduino

Now you are able to make programs 
Step6 : Now goto  file->eamples->basics->ledblink..

Now you are done with your Software part.
Now plug you arduino board to the computer.

Step7 : Install driver's....
            open the device manager on your computer.
            goto--> right click on my computer > click manage > device manager

right_clik on ft232 and click update driver

click browse and show the address  of arduino folder and driver's..
now the next step is to update the second driver

repeat the last step again.

Now you are ready to flash your program into the arduino board and can be used for further applications.
step1>  Select the board in arduino software goto:  tools > Boards > Arduino pro atmega328.

step2>  Select the port which you are connected goto: tools> ports >select port

step3>  Nowgo into the file>upload ... and check the board led connected to pin 13...

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