Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Initial setup

Before starting to learn 8051 microcontroller we need an initial setup like an environment in which we have basic requirement to learn 8051 like programmer board to program a microcontroller,simulator to write our codes,driver support the hardware etc.So here are some short of steps you have to follow to prepare your computer for 8051.
  1. Install the KeilUvision3 software in your system if you do not have the keil then dont worry you can download it from here Download
  2. Now install the serial to usb driver in your system if you are using a serial to usb cable well it is come with your serial cable driver cd but if you don't have then download.
  3. After this you are able to write your codes in C and assembly languages and can check your codes are working or not by your simulator.
  4. Now for transferring those codes into the microcontroller Install Flash magic in your computer or download it form here download.
  5. Buy an 8051 Development board it may cost you around 800 rupee and also a microcontroller of nxp  series p89v51rd2.
  6. you can also make your own programmer kit for 8051 microcontroller. programmer kit 
  7. Now you have all necessary things to learn 8051 lets start if having any doubt or facing any problem then can contact me on my mail id.
                                                           @BEST OF LUCK@

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  1. what adapter to use? voltage and current rating of adapter for programmer kt


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